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We pride ourselves on our ability to find solutions. Many of our now standard services came about as solutions to the problems expressed by our clients. If you’ve got ideas or requirements of your accountants that fall outside the norm, please get in touch. Some ‘out of the box’ solutions we’ve provided to other clients over the years include:

  • Reconciling GST balances on financials - now a free service for our strata manager partners.
  • Reviews of financials before they go out to owners – with letters provided on Ascend letterhead.
  • Enabling remote access to client accounts to assist directly with queries and corrections.
  • Liaising directly with owners on your behalf on accounting issues and problems.
  • Cheat sheets and flow charts to arm managers with knowledge to answer questions.
  • Reviewing handover documents for new managements and preparing load on journals.
  • Facilitating Council of Owners meetings to model reserve fund plans and funding requirements.
  • Attendance at Annual General Meetings to explain difficult tax issues.
  • Having a member of the Ascend team step in for data entry when accounts staff have been on leave.
  • Ad-hoc work by the team member most suited.

Contact our office to discuss fitting in additional services with your package.

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