We would like to wish all of our clients well during this difficult time for small business. As always, we are here to help you in any way we can.

As we navigate through these uncertain times together, we are all learning new ways of doing business. In accordance with the current advice from the World Health Organisation and the Australian Government, our busy office has made adaptations to the way we are working so we can continue to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How we’re working

Ascend has been setting up our paperless office operations progressively over the last 6 months. This is now in full effect, allowing us complete remote access. All of our staff are set up to work from home effective Monday 23/3/2020 with full access to all systems and information.

Making contact – email is best

With several team members having young children to care for, working from home is a juggling act. To allow staff to focus on their work at their most productive times, we are supporting flexible working hours. This means there may be occasions when team members are unavailable to take your phone calls. We therefore encourage you to contact our team via email as your first point of call.

However, we will still take calls during business hours where possible. Our phone number (08) 6168 1680 is still in operation and is being diverted to our receptionist who is able to forward calls to the team's mobile phones.

On-site meetings

We have suspended all on-site meetings for the time being. Where necessary, we are available for virtual face-to-face meetings via the Zoom Meetings App.

Remote Desktop Connections and Team Viewer

Our team is still able to directly access and assist with those managers who use MyStrata or Property IQ; as well as those who have set up remote access for our team via Remote Desktop Connections. We are also utilising our corporate subscription to TeamViewer which allows us to remotely assist you, should you require help, with the workings of your software if your business does not currently use an online strata accounting system.

If you'd like to explore setting up a Remote Desktop Connection for our team for your business, or if we can support you in any other way, please contact us.