Eco Initiatives

for a sustainable future

Eco Initiatives

In our busy office we are trying to become more sustainable by making better choices for our planet.

Some changes we have made so far include:

  • Using reusable cups for office coffee runs, saving an estimated 300 single-use coffee cups from landfill so far
  • Switching to 100% recycled paper for printing
  • Choosing to give client gift hampers in cardboard instead of wrapped in plastic cellophane
  • Collecting food scraps in the office kitchen to be composted
  • Transitioning to a paperless system for viewing reports and documents

We´re working towards:

  • Reducing our landfill by having clearly labelled recycling collection points

Transitioning to a paperless system has reduced our printing and scanning costs. This has increased our operating profit by an estimated 5 to 6% per annum.

In short - good for the planet, but also good for the bottom line.