Strata Manager Partner Program

Ascend have developed the Strata Manager Partner Program in response to requests from our clients for an all-inclusive package of services. It is an empowering, efficient and value-adding solution for strata management businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

  • Flat monthly fee 
  • Unlimited Strata Compliance services (BAS, Tax Returns, Registrations etc)
  • Training and support for your team
  • Co-branded educational materials for your clients

Profit and Professionalise at the same time

In addition to professional support, training, and client education, the Strata Manager Partnership Program opens new revenue streams for your business that will, in all likelihood, more than offset the cost of your Partner subscription. Your business will profit from this experience both professionally and financially.

The Ascend Strata Manager Partner Program works because it revolves around empowering your business, your team and your clients.

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Empowering Your Business

  • Branding: Provision of client educational materials with your own logo and references.
  • Increased Revenue: New revenue sources that will more than offset your monthly subscription. 
  • Tailored Business Consulting: Guiding you in systematically adding these new chargeable services to your suite of management services.

Empowering Your Team

  • Training: Ongoing, customisable sessions to improve your team’s knowledge and understanding of strata tax and accounting concepts.
  • Support: Get unlimited phone support and general advice for your team. 
  • Free Up Time: We even set up direct access to the accounting software for many clients to create efficiencies and minimise queries.

Empowering Your Clients

  • Education: Educational materials for your clients to explain strata tax matters in simple terms.
  • Councillor Call-Backs: The option to schedule ‘councillor call-backs’ for the more tricky issues & questions.
  • Risk Management: Your team will be in a position to better identify opportunities and risks for your clients... and to discuss them with councillors in an informed and timely manner.

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Professionalise your client services, provide your team with quality training and make more money in the process. 

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