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Are you making the most of what your accounts can really tell you about your business direction? At Ascend, we believe in empowering business owners. It’s about moving from laborious data entry for the sake of compliance to efficient, timely information that puts decision making power in your hands.

Our team will work with you as your business progresses through the following suggested steps:

  1. Accounts Structure: Modern day accounting packages allow the same information to be displayed in a variety of ways. There can be one display of your accounts for the tax office, and another for analysing efficiencies … each available at the click of a button. The correct account structure and setup is vital in opening up these windows of opportunity and represents the first step in moving from stagnant compliance accounts… to financials that can shape your business destiny.
  2. Efficiencies: Accounting in the cloud is not the way of the future, it’s the way of NOW! Modern accounting packages (Xero is by far our recommended option) offer a host of time saving options that can effectively put your own business’s data entry function on autopilot – freeing up your team to focus on more important tasks. Making the most of bank feeds, transaction rules and having the Ascend team available to check up on things remotely as necessary, your business will soon have access to a live analysis of performance.
  3. Budgeting & Cash Flow Forecasting: Incorporate existing budgets, create forecasts from scratch or use historical business trends to quickly & easily generate projections for the future. Combine actual and forecast data to monitor business performance vs budget on live reports that can be shared between you, your team (if desired) and the Ascend team as your support.
  4. Benchmarking: Identifying the specific key performance indicators that affect your individual business … and comparing them to past performance and that of the competition for an honest analysis of where you’re at and where you’re going.
  5. Cost Centre Analysis: Take things to the next level by identifying and analysing the performance of the individual components of your business profit. Analyse between the profitability of large clients vs small clients, differentiate between service categories or teams within the business. Leverage the capability of your now correctly structured, efficient, live accounts and focus on which specific areas of your business should be demanding your time and resources.
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